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  Archive Management Solutions
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Pegasus is a leading provider of archive management software and solutions that enable mission critical application vendors and end user organizations to manage data quickly and easily from a single access point over the network. Pegasus storage management solutions help to retain and control critical archive data and other digital assets while providing a means to meet strict regulatory and corporate compliance requirements.


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Pegasus is committed to development around an open archive storage approach, providing single interface access to different archive storage technologies as they evolve. With over 25 years of providing its users with a single common access point. Pegasus continues to deliver end user access to secure archive data on a wide range of media types without data conversions. Now that's uninterrupted support and access to critical user information!

Pegasus offers a single product solution to support a wide range of storage hardware in archive configurations. Pegasus' InveStoreHD software will support an unlimited amount of archive storage on secured hard disk very cost effectively and with the option to add a removable WORM media permanent, off-site or back-up copy with additional software licensing fees. InveStoreHD is a one price, unlimited archive storage solution that is fully backward compatible with previous versions of InveStore as well as being a solution to replace cumbersome, support intensive optical libraries but without expensive conversion. 

InveStoreHD provides robust support for long-term archive storage:

• Cost Effective Secure Archive Storage Solution on Hard Disk with No Capacity Limitations 

• Create, Store and Access Secure Archive Storage Data on Any Local or Network Storage Location 

• Add an Optional Removable Media, such as Blu-Ray WORM for Back-up, Compliance or Disaster Recovery. Plug-and-Play support

• Backward Compatible with Previous Versions Of InveStore - Replace an Old Optical Library WITHOUT Application or Data Conversions!

• Anytime, anywhere readability over the network

• Future-proof storage technology

• Expands as your needs change