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Pegasus Products - InveStore v5: Support for Optical Storage Devices

InveStore v5 - Fast, Secure and Energy Efficient

Hard disk performance for active archive backed by cost effective removable media for data at rest  

InveStore v5 was designed, from the very beginning, to be a single point of entry archive storage management system. Its powerful file management and hardware agnostic support has provided thousands of installations with the freedom from specific or limited file formats and compatibility with a wide range of legacy storage hardware. This includes magnetic disk caching and removable media types for cost effective off-line WORM storage. Archiving is a long-term application and user requirement. The data must be secure, you must have access to it when needed and that access may come long after the initial data was stored. InveStore v5 is a major step forward in delivering an archive management solution that supports: multiple media tiers for critical user data based on access demands, protected magnetic disk archive support, cost efficient support of low cost off-line media, quick and easy disaster recovery, and access through a single common interface.

protecting the archive


While removable permanent WORM (physically non-erasable) media is the most secure and cost effective form of archive storage, because it is a cartridge and moved during in an automated library, access to specific information can be delayed during “spin-up”. Automated libraries can also create delays during times of numerous retrieval requests. However, the ability to move data from magnetic disk to off-line media does free up on-line active archive space, keeps disk growth under control and saves power. The combination of hard disk and removable archive media is a perfect match. Utilizing hard disk caching for access speed is an important part of delivering an archive solution that solves daily operational concerns. But, it’s critical to protect and secure the data long term and provide a safety net for compliance and disaster recovery.


Pegasus has added disk as a tier of storage to the InveStore v5 managed archive. With InveStore’s caching implementation, the user can configure the software to utilize a wide range of hard disk for archive data caching. All writes are cached to hard disk first and, Pegasus’ Digital Signature feature prevents any tampering with the data while it resides in the cache.


The key differentiators of InveStore's foundation include: 

Key differentiators of InveStore v5 with magnetic disk support: 

Single common interface to multiple archive hardware and media platforms

Adds disk based protected archive - no changes to the user interface

Integrates transparently with market leading Email, Document Management and Archiving applications

Delivers instantaneous access for applications in addition to maintaining the critical archive data on removable WORM.

Secure WORM based archive with off-line media management.

Adds additional security and data authentication features without sacrificing speed.  

Central management of system through application centric and easy to use MMC UI console

Simple to implement: Two parameters provided via MMC: size and location of protected magnetic disk archive/cache.


  • Reduces end-user critical data access delays on the archive system. Blends the speed and efficiency of magnetic disk and the reliability, security and cost effectiveness of WORM media for long term archiving

  • Provides long-term seamless access to archives on mixed hardware and/or new evolving technologies. Supports low cost and every efficient disk and removable media

  • Time proven secure, reliable and compliant solution helping to prevent the loss of critical archive data 

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